Fogo in creole means 'Fire' and indeed the island is dominated by the volcano cone of Pico de Fogo which is the highest point of the republic at 2829m and whose last eruption was in 1995.  It is a awesome island with its ever changing scenery and the hot climate lasts all year long, making this island the hottest of the entire archipelago. There are verdant terraces of banana, orange and coffee plantations contrasting with bleak lunar plains and black sand beaches.  The main town is Sao Filipe which is a reminiscent of colonial days with a distinctly French influence.

Things To Do:

Fogo is an island that you explore, and a visit is not complete without a trip up to the volcano. if you wish to ascent to the summit  you can arrange to stay at the village of Cha das Caldeiras. Guides are also available to reach the crater, either by foot or  horse riding is available in the village.  It is recommended that you are in good physical shape. Medical and rescue services are extremely limited.  Listen to 

Liz Evans interesting report about Cape Verde Volcanoes.  

Darwin Centre Live | Liz Evans- The Volcanoes of the Cape Verde