Sal is the most popular island and is home to most of the international hotels as well as the main airport.  It is  the flattest island of the archipelago and  takes it's name from the now inactive salt mines which are worth a visit, located at Pedro Lumeis the half natural, half man made salt pond. 

It  has become popular due to its superb white sandy beaches.  The main town is Santa Maria where there are restaurants and bars, frequent music and dancing.  Its a haven for sun lovers and beachcombers with good selection of professionally run water sports, the availability of which can depend upon ocean conditions.  There are at least two PADI dive schools.

An abundance of taxis frequent the airport. Car, jeep and beach buggy hire is also available. 

Things To Do:

There are daily flights between Sal and Praia and there are also boats running between the islands

Sal is the most barren of the islands. It offers superb white beaches and water based activities. 

Places of interest on the island include the volcano crater and the salt lake at Pedra de Lume, the natural pool of Buracona , the working town of Espargos, and the port of Palmeira. 

A half day cruise sailing along the coastline of Sal and lasting around 3 hours. Stops are usually made in the ports of Pedra de Lume and Palmeira.