Santo Antao

This is the second largest island and probably the most beautiful and greenest with stunning mountain scenery, with its extinct craters, deep valleys and ravines and agriculture ranging from wild strawberries to plantation of tropical and temperate fruit and vegetables.  Village life is simple and many houses are still thatched.  It is reached by ferry from Sao Vincente (50 minutes) and the lack of a air port probably accounts for it being so special and different.  What is special is the hilly and relatively lush interior; walkers will enjoy it.

The road from the ferry port of Porto Nova across the island to Ribeiro Grande may be one of the worlds most amazing journeys !!   We recommend a night stay in the lovely rural and mountain retreat of Pedracin village as an alternative to the normal day trip from Sao Vicente.

Things To Do:

Be sure not to leave the island without tasting the grogue, the famous Cape Verdian rum, made from the sugar cane grown on the island, the coffee and the small, sweet bananas.

The main attraction is the excellent hiking opportunities. Close to Janela is a large rock of historical interest. The inscriptions on this rock are significant and questions whether the Portuguese actually discovered the Cape Verde Islands !?